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230 Cool Japanese Restaurant Names for Inspiration

Are you thinking of starting a Japanese restaurant and are you looking for Japanese restaurant name ideas. Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I share 180+ awesome ideas for Japanese restaurant names to inspire and to help you brainstorm!

This big list of name ideas includes several categories of Japanese food; sushi, izakaya, ramen shop, tempura seafood, and more.

Japanese Restaurant Names

As a potential new restaurant owner, you’re faced with many important business decisions. This includes writing your mission statement, designing your restaurant logo, choosing an interior design, and creating an effective restaurant website and menu.

A name is a restaurant brand’s first impression. A good name embodies the spirit of the restaurant and will create a lasting impression on customers.

The name should stand out and be easily remembered so that it will spill off the tongue when people are talking about it. A good name should also be able to carry a message or feeling to the customer.

That’s why I have also included 3 simple tips on how to name your restaurant at the end of the list.

Now let’s get into it!

Creative Japanese Restaurant Name Ideas

  1. Sakura Sushi – A name that combines the beauty of cherry blossoms with traditional Japanese cuisine.
  2. Tokyo Table – A name that evokes the bustling energy of Japan’s capital city.
  3. Nihon Nosh – A name that combines the Japanese word for Japan (Nihon) with a playful term for food (nosh).
  4. Zen Zest – A name that suggests a serene dining experience with flavorful Japanese dishes.
  5. Umami Utopia – A name that highlights the unique, savory taste of Japanese cuisine.
  6. Izakaya Inspirations – A name that evokes the casual, social atmosphere of a Japanese pub (izakaya).
  7. Shogun’s Supper – A name that suggests a dining experience fit for a Japanese military leader.
  8. Ramen Reverie – A name that evokes the comforting, dreamy experience of enjoying a bowl of ramen.
  9. Kaiseki Kingdom – A name that highlights the refined, multi-course dining experience of traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine.
  10. Sashimi Sanctuary – A name that suggests a haven for lovers of fresh, expertly prepared sashimi.
  11. Bento Bliss – A name that evokes the pleasure of enjoying a perfectly balanced Japanese bento box.
  12. Tempura Temptations – A name that highlights the irresistible appeal of crispy, golden tempura.
  13. Teppanyaki Tales – A name that combines the interactive cooking style of teppanyaki with the stories shared over a meal.
  14. Yakitori Yard – A name that suggests a casual, inviting space to enjoy Japanese grilled skewers.
  15. Matsuri Munchies – A name that evokes the festive atmosphere of a Japanese festival (matsuri) and its delicious food offerings.
  16. Samurai Savor – A name that combines the legendary Japanese warriors with the enjoyment of delicious cuisine.
  17. Kyoto Kitchen – A name that highlights the rich culinary traditions of Japan’s ancient capital city.
  18. Oishii Oasis – A name that combines the Japanese word for delicious (oishii) with a sense of refuge and relaxation.
  19. Geisha’s Garden – A name that evokes the elegance and artistry of Japan’s geisha culture.
  20. Nippon Nibbles – A playful name that suggests a variety of tasty Japanese dishes to sample.
  21. Wabi-Sabi Wonders – A name that highlights the Japanese aesthetic of beauty in imperfection and simplicity.
  22. Origami Eats – A name that combines the intricate art of paper folding with the culinary delights of Japanese cuisine.
  23. Fuji Feast – A name that evokes the majesty of Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji and a bountiful dining experience.
  24. Edo Eats – A name that highlights the historical period of Japanese culture known for its thriving food scene.
  25. Kabuki Kitchen – A name that combines the dramatic flair of traditional Japanese theater with the art of cooking.
  26. Soy & Sake – A name that emphasizes the essential elements of Japanese cuisine and drink.
  27. Harajuku Haven – A name that evokes the vibrant, fashionable district of Tokyo and its unique culinary offerings.
  28. Gion Grub – A name that highlights the historic geisha district of Kyoto and its delicious food scene.
  29. Sumo Supper – A name that suggests a hearty, satisfying dining experience inspired by Japan’s national sport.
  30. Nori Nook – A cozy name that highlights the essential ingredient in sushi rolls.
  31. Wasabi Wonders – A name that emphasizes the bold, spicy flavor of a key Japanese condiment.
  32. Miso Marvels – A name that highlights the versatile, savory taste of miso in Japanese cuisine.
  33. Koi & Cuisine – A name that combines the beauty of Japanese koi fish with a delightful dining experience.
  34. Tofu Treasures – A name that celebrates the versatility and deliciousness of tofu in Japanese cooking.
  35. Yuzu & Yum – A name that combines the unique citrus flavor of yuzu fruit with the enjoyment of delicious Japanese dishes.
  36. Gyozalogy – A playful name that suggests a study of the art of making delicious Japanese dumplings.
  37. Soba Sanctuary – A name that evokes a haven for lovers of Japanese buckwheat noodles.
  38. Udon Universe – A name that suggests a world of delicious, thick Japanese noodle dishes.
  39. Teriyaki Terrace – A name that highlights the popular, flavorful Japanese cooking technique.
  40. Nagomi Nosh – A name that combines the Japanese word for harmony (nagomi) with a playful term for food (nosh).
  41. Matcha & Morsels – A name that emphasizes the popular Japanese green tea and its complementary dishes.
  42. Katsu & Co. – A name that highlights the crispy, breaded Japanese cutlets and their delicious accompaniments.
  43. Shiitake & Sushi – A name that combines the earthy flavors of Japanese mushrooms with the art of sushi-making.
  44. Rice & Revelry – A name that suggests a joyful dining experience centered around a staple of Japanese cuisine.
  45. Sake & Serenity – A name that evokes a peaceful, enjoyable experience of sipping Japanese rice wine.
  46. Onigiri Oasis – A name that highlights the popular Japanese rice ball snack and a sense of refuge and relaxation.
  47. Ginger & Gyoza – A name that combines key flavors in Japanese cuisine with the popular dumpling dish.
  48. Ninja Noodles – A playful name that suggests a stealthy, skillful approach to Japanese noodle dishes.
  49. Dashi Delights – A name that emphasizes the essential Japanese soup stock and its delicious applications.
  50. Tatami Tastes – A name that evokes the traditional Japanese straw mats and the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine.
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Cool Japanese Restaurant Names

Sakura Zen
Kinoko (mushroom)
Samurai Sam’s BBQ
Kōtaku Ramen
Tako (octopus)
Takoyaki  (octopus balls)
Ika (squid)
Wasabi (horseradish)
Futomaki (thick-rolled sushi)
Rakuzen (Joy of Dining)
Miso Matsugen
Momo (peach)
Nozomi Fusion Bar
Miso Me
Konomono (pickled vegetables)
Matsutake (a rare mushroom)

Good Japanese Restaurant Name Ideas

The Golden Samurai
Takenoko (bamboo shoot)
Shogun Dragon
Mikado Japan
Nimono (simmered in a soup stock)
Wakamatsu Ramen
Suzuki Ramen
Sashimi (sliced raw fish)
Wakame (a type of seaweed)
Renkon (lotus root)
Rakuzen Express
Kaifū Express
Akiko Sushi Express
Wasabi Garden
Mizushima Sushi
Sonoko Restaurant

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Cute Japanese Restaurant Names

Kakigori (shaved ice dessert)
Shio (salt)
Uni (sea urchin)
Mr. Minami House
Ohkami Cafe
Kiku Dokyo
Oh You Sushi
Sushi K
The Karate Bowl
The Sake Bros
Sumo Me
Yoko Yoko
Oh! Shinjuku
Bonzai Asian Fusion
Miku Cafe
Nomi Lounge
Kishimoto Cafe
Kakao Lounge II
Daikon (giant white radish)
Kabocha (pumpkin)

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Izakaya – Japanese GastroPub Names

Okonomiyaki – (Japanese pizza)
Oroshigane (grater)
Saizu Japanese Grill
Zan Shogun
Sumo San Grill
Togarashi (hot chili)
Taketomi Restaurant
Ichiban Okonomi
Bistro Toro
Mikado Izakaya
Tsumami (hors d’oeuvre)
Yakimono (grilled dishes)
Kagoshima Bar
Sakuro Dining
Three Samurai
Samurai Sake Bar

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Japanese Fine Dining Name Ideas

Samurai Tea Leaf
House of Bamboo
Tokyo Shogun
Asari  (short-necked clam)
Sushi Nogami
Sakamoto Soul
The Pearl of Japan
Sumo Japanese Eatery
Kuromame (cooked black beans)
Little Tokyo Izakaya
Kazushi Fusion
The Sense of Zen
Oh So Sushi
Takimi Express
Tokyo Izakaya
Namasu  (vinegared dish)
Akko Japanese
Sushi Dojo
Shoshou Sushi House
Sushi & Sake Express
Ranchi (lunch)
Sando (sandwich)

Japanese food quote by M.F.K. Fischer

Ramen Shop Names

Kabuki Ramen
Ninja Ramen & Sushi
Eiko Ramen
Miso Supreme
Rising Sun Ramen
Banzai Ramen
The Miso Spot
Misobara Ramen
Miyaki Express
Miso House
Takamatsu Ramen
Yokohama Ramen
Tamago (egg)
Shogiku Express
Kyoto Roll
Miso Ramen House
Aya & Yu Miso
Gojo Ramen
Toki Ramen

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Sushi Restaurant Name Inspiration

Sakana Sushi
Bonsai Sushi
Yoji Sushi Bar
Sumo Sushi 
Sushi Yama
Sushi Bar Yuki
Sushiro Sushi
The Red Rock Sushi
Sukimi Express
Seacoast Sushi
Sushi Caviar
Mizuho Sushi House
Sushi Lounge
Koyo Sushi
Omizu Sushi
Momo Sushi Express
Miyako’s Sushi House
Kaisen Sushi House
Sushi Kimomaru
Watami Sushi bar

Tempura Seafood Restaurant Names

Tazukuri (dried sardines)
Kamaboko (fish cake)
Iwashi (sardine)
Kombu (kelp)
Kombumaki (fish)
Shiosake (salt salmon)
Homi’s Miso
Ikura (salmon roe)

Teriyaki Restaurant Names

Shichirin charcoal grill
Waki Teriyaki
Yoshiyaki Grill
Teriyaki Fun Bar
Souki Teriyaki House
Kenzo Teriyaki Bar
Totem Teriyaki
Teriyaki House
Kishimoto Teriyaki
Toro Teriyaki
Yamakoshi Restaurant
Tokyo Teriyaki Bar
Restaurant Izakaya
Yokohama Teriyaki
Shogetsu Teriyaki

3 things to consider when naming your Japanese restaurant

1. Start with considering your offering and your customers:

  • What type of restaurant is it? Sushi, ramen, tempura, etc.
  • What is the atmosphere of your business? Fine dining, family-oriented, on the corner, etc.
  • Which neighborhood or district is your cafe located in? Soho, Times Square, New York City, etc.
  • What type of customers do you have? Singles, couples, office workers, etc.

2. What are your values and background:

Consider your restaurant’s mission statement and values first. What story do you tell your customers with your name?

Effective marketing is based on articulating and extending a harmonious concept from the inside out. Communicating what defines your business is how to engage potential customers because it puts your story in context.

3. The best restaurant names often have a good story behind their name

See if you can find some interesting story or fact about the history of your building or the neighborhood and incorporate that into the name. This story can also be used when creating your restaurant slogan or tagline


We hope this article will help you to come up with a clever name for your restaurant.

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