215 Unique Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas

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Are you thinking of starting a Mexican restaurant and looking for good restaurant name ideas?  Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I share 200+ awesome name ideas for various types of Mexican restaurants, including taquerias, burrerias, and food trucks.

Mexican food is internationally renowned for its vibrant flavors, colorful decoration, and various spices and ingredients. In fact, traditional Mexican cuisine is on UNESCO’s List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, along with French gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet. 

Mexican restaurant names

As a potential new restaurant owner, you’re faced with many important business decisions. This includes writing your mission statement, designing your restaurant logo, choosing an interior design, and creating an effective restaurant website and menu.

A name is a restaurant brand’s first impression. A good name embodies the spirit of the restaurant and will create a lasting impression on customers.

The name should stand out and be easily remembered so that it will spill off the tongue when people are talking about it. A good name should also be able to carry a message or feeling to the customer.

That’s why I have also included 3 simple tips on how to name your restaurant at the end of the list.

Now let’s get into it!

Catchy Mexican Restaurant Names
Cool Mexican Restaurant Name Examples
Creative Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas
Burrito (Burrerias) Restaurant Name Ideas
Mexican Food Truck Name Ideas
Taco (Taqueria) Shop Names

Catchy Mexican Restaurant Names

  • Cantina La Vida
  • Fiesta Mexico
  • El Tio Sombrero
  • The Sombrero Spot
  • Vida Pura Vida
  • Tortilla Street
  • Salsa Street Grill
  • Cancun Corner
  • Guacamole Brothers
  • Restaurante Habanero
  • Tomtoms
  • Chimichurri
  • Papas A Cantina
  • El Mercado
  • Boca Booma
  • Tres Marias
  • Borgo Grill
  • Paxa Latina
  • Nuevo Trattoria
  • El Gastrónomo
  • La Taberna
  • Don Julio
  • Los Marineros
  • La Mansión
  • La Bahía
  • El Encanto
  • Villa Espírito
  • Gastoria
  • Tres Sabor
  • The Sirocco Palace
  • Palacio de La Sala
  • Feliz Mango
  • Salsa Camaron
  • Restaurant El Pancho
  • MexiMix
  • Cactus Amigos
  • Pastel Azteca
  • Mas Amigos
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Cool Mexican Restaurant Name Examples

  • Comida De
  • The Tequila Leaf
  • Banqueta
  • Gran Comida
  • Chateau Salsa
  • Kazpacho Grill
  • San Benito’s Grill
  • Pueblo Mexicana
  • The Aztec Chef
  • Dos Amigos Aztec
  • Coyote Grande
  • Pancho’s Texas Grill
  • Mucho Mucho Burrito
  • Cantina D’Oro
  • Coyote Rio Grande
  • Mexicali Kitchen
  • Aztec Amigos
  • Mira Tres Amigos
  • Aztec Del Sol
  • Aztec Kitchen & Bar
  • Taqueria El Coyote
  • Hot Guacamole
  • El Mayo Del Salsas
  • Fiesta San Sebastian
  • Cafe El Jardin
  • Casa Latina
  • Las Tres Vientos
  • Olive & Vespucci
  • Bottega De Vita
  • Salud De Mexico
  • El Cardenal Roja
  • Grill Manzanillo
  • El Adobe
  • Caramba Grill House
  • El Patron
  • Mexxology
  • Lone Star Mex
  • The Mexicali Grill
  • Maya Coyote
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Creative Mexican Restaurant Name Ideas

  • El Rancho Jalapeño
  • Fiesta Mariscos
  • Cabanas and Tostadas
  • Mexicali Eats
  • Don Jose Cantina
  • Amigo Azteca
  • The Golden Mexican
  • Masked Chihuahua
  • Amigos Eatery
  • El Rodeo
  • Sombrero Plaza
  • El Toro
  • Goya Tamale
  • Como Pancho
  • Kosmos Cocina Cafe
  • Mi Corazón
  • Sombrero Garden
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Cucina Azteca
  • Restaurante Tijuana
  • Cactus Barrio
  • Plaza Fusion
  • Maverick Mexico
  • La Reva Del Sol
  • Casa Verde Palace
  • Cactus Street Corner
  • Río Burgers
  • La Frita Mariscos
  • Luxor Hot Tacos
  • Viva Tamarillo
  • Gusto Mexican Grill
  • Madre Dorada
  • Barrio La Mexicana
  • Guacamole Paraíso
  • Luna
  • Fiesta Famoso
  • Quesada Mexican
  • The Sombrero Cowboy
  • Restaurant Sonora
  • Pancho Sabor
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Burrito (Burrerias) Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Tortilla Garden
  • Burrito Bandidos
  • Humble Burrito
  • Pepe’s Burrito Shop
  • Fiesta Mesquite
  • Jaguar Burrito
  • Viva Mexico
  • Burrito Villa
  • Buen Gusto Mexico
  • Mad Bull Burritos
  • Las Estrella Grande
  • Sin City Burritos
  • Hot Box Burrito
  • El Tres Amigos
  • Pepeño’s Fiesta
  • Paella Desire
  • Sangria Fiesta
  • Salsa Sunrise
  • Baja California
  • El Toro
  • Aroma Burritos
  • Rio Grande Plate
  • Burreira Del Rio
  • The Chihuahua House
  • El Mirage
  • The Burrito Beat
  • Tierra Salsa
  • Burrito Time
  • Carmelita’s
  • Comida Aroma
  • Navarro TexMex
  • The Arizona Taste
  • Dos Reales Mexicano
  • Viva La Tortilla
  • La Casa Del Parrilla
  • El Jefe Acapulco
  • Burrito Boys
  • Holy Guacamole
  • Burrito City
  • Burrito Bone
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Mexican Food Truck Name Ideas

  • The Traveling Burrito
  • The Rolling Mexican
  • The Rolling Tortilla
  • Fuego Food Truck
  • Wings Taco Shop
  • Burrito Bandits
  • Tacos On the Run
  • Taco Town Texas
  • Taco Truck Club
  • Big Mamas Taco Truck
  • Taco Box
  • Rollin’ Burritos
  • Speedy Gonzales
  • Rolling Taco Kitchen
  • Amigo’s Food Truck
  • The Urban Tortilla
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Taco (Taqueria) Shop Names

  • Señor Mas Taco
  • Taqueria El Pueblo
  • El Cactus Taqueria
  • El Taqueria Maya
  • Señor Taco Bar
  • Taqueria Habano
  • Cuco’s Taco Shack
  • Tacos La Fuego
  • Taqueria El Salón
  • Taco Molotov
  • Taco Del Toro
  • The Taco Station
  • Tacos El Habanero
  • Señor Taqueria
  • Tacoville
  • Mad Mex Tacos
  • The Taco Tribe
  • Empire Taco Shop
  • Taquitos El Paraiso
  • Loco Loco Taco
  • Salsa Taco
  • Taco Lab
  • El Tango Taco
  • The Taco Bandit
  • Texas Taco Kings
  • Tacos Loca
  • Taco Bros
  • Taqueria Rio
  • Taco Maribel
  • Taqueria El Mango
  • Salsarita’s Tacos
  • Taco De Tex-Mex
  • Taco Time
  • Taqueria Tijuana
  • Mexicali Taco Co.
  • Taco & Lime
  • The Taco Corner
  • Tacos Mi Amigo
  • Los Gatos Tacos
  • Taqueria Los Gringos
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3 things to consider when naming your Mexican restaurant

1. Start with considering your offering and your customers:

  • What type of restaurant is it? traditional cuisine, tacos, burritos, etc.
  • What is the atmosphere of your business? Fine dining, family-oriented, on the corner, etc.
  • Which neighborhood or district is your cafe located in? Soho, Times Square, New York City, etc.
  • What type of customers do you have? Singles, couples, office workers, etc.

2. What are your values and background:

Consider your restaurant’s mission statement and values first. What story do you tell your customers with your name?

Effective marketing is based on articulating and extending a harmonious concept from the inside out. Communicating what defines your business is how to engage potential customers because it puts your story in context.

3. The best restaurant names often have a good story behind their name

See if you can find some interesting story or fact about the history of your building or the neighborhood and incorporate that into the name. This story can also be used when creating your restaurant slogan or tagline


We hope this article will help you to come up with a clever name for your restaurant.