157 Cool Bar Names (Pubs, Wine Bar, Sports Bar)

Are you looking for a list of great bar names to get started on the process of naming your bar? Then you have come to the right place.

Apart from having a solid business plan, a good name is vital to ensure that your business is memorable and distinct from your competition.

We have grouped this list of the best bar name ideas by category, from cool to funny, as well as names for pubs, biker bars, cocktail lounges, and more.

We then end the article with 3 essential tips on how to name your bar.

Cool Bar Names

Let’s get started:

Cool Bar Names
Creative Bar Names
Classy Bar Names
Clever Bar Names
Funny Bar Names
Cocktail Lounge Names
Wine Bar Names
Biker Bar Names
Pub Names
Sports Bar Names

Cool Bar Names

  • Cool Cat Lily
  • Burning Desire
  • Obsidian Bar
  • Dark Mirror
  • Rising Star
  • Stingray Bar
  • The Black Cat
  • Swipe Liquors
  • Black Rock Liquors
  • Liquors Mob
  • Cool Crush
  • Atomic Bar
  • Squeeze Therapy
  • Happy Gaia
  • Drink Defender
  • Barzilla
  • Hot Spot
  • Astro Lounge
  • Busters Spot
  • Loungepad

Creative Bar Names

  • Bar Heaven
  • Night Captain
  • Slow Lounge
  • Lazy Jewel Bar
  • Wise Fox Lounge
  • Buzzed Tiger Bar
  • Moonlit Wolf Outpost
  • Martian Martini Club
  • Safe Harbor Bar
  • The People’s Parlor
  • Zombie Bites Bar
  • Psycho Raven
  • The Trophy Tavern
  • Lumberjack Saloon
  • The Bull Room
  • Gravity’s Rainbow
  • Midnight Rainbow
  • Revolution Drink
  • Muse Spot
  • Bazaar Lounge

Classy Bar Names

  • Glorious Peaks
  • Silver House Bar
  • Crescent
  • Ruby Paradise
  • Saffron Citadel
  • Sapphire Sanctum
  • Elite Lion
  • Ivory Lodge
  • Universe Bar
  • The Queen’s Hive
  • Indigo
  • The Oak Bar
  • Aladdin Lounge
  • Utopia Corner
  • Presto Bar
  • Gin Palace
  • Virtue Bar
  • City Spirits
  • Lion Lounge
  • Jet Mixers 

Clever Bar Names

  • Tall Tales
  • Happy Junction
  • Bar Cave
  • Fortune Liquors
  • Chase Liquors
  • Kickass Liquors
  • Royal Lion Club
  • Anchor Saloon
  • Elixir Club
  • Rooster Roadhouse
  • Tin Vibes Bar
  • Wily Horse Saloon
  • Rogue Street Parlor
  • Hot Bird Country Club
  • Double Wide Inn
  • Cheap Shots Spot
  • The After Spot
  • Kitchen Bar
  • Candy’s Purple Bar
  • Rum Revolution

Funny Bar Names

  • The Tipsy Polar Bear
  • Texas Double Wide
  • Drink HQ
  • Bar Blaster
  • Yes Bar
  • Happy Barrel Bar
  • Mighty Lizard Lounge
  • Dizzy Vibes Spot
  • Twirling Stone
  • Charming Baron Bar
  • Whistling Farmer
  • Blackout Bar
  • Sweatshop
  • The Double Blush
  • No Fun Club

Cocktail Lounge Names

  • Mega Mixers
  • Mercy Mixers
  • Minuteman Martini
  • Loop Lounge
  • Cocoon Cocktail
  • Cleopatra Club
  • Madonna Martini
  • Booster Bar
  • Liberty Lounge
  • Celestial Cocktail

Wine Bar Names

  • Century Cellar
  • Red Rewards
  • Royal Red
  • Village Vineyard
  • Velvet Wine Bar
  • Explorer Winery
  • Mirage Wine Bar
  • Arcade Vineyard
  • Origin Red
  • Soul Grapes
  • Vintage Valley

Biker Bar Names

  • Merciful Mushroom Bar
  • Hurricane Bar
  • Drunk Crab Bar
  • Old Shark Bar
  • Hatchet Lounge
  • Mellow Skunk
  • Octopus Bar
  • Stately Goat
  • Diesel Library
  • Asylum Bar
  • Wanderlust
  • Hungry Baboon
  • Greasy Hand Bar
  • Far Away Kitten
  • Jagged Coin
  • Hot Hound

Pub Names

  • Prince’s Court
  • Late Lavender
  • Tricky Bee Pub
  • Snapdragon Pub
  • Pinnacle Pub
  • Twin Goat Pub
  • Queen’s Veil
  • Obsidian Summit
  • Noble Courtyard
  • King’s Wolf
  • Clever Bagpipe Bar
  • Rebel Raven
  • Cruel Nightingale 
  • Old Knight

Sports Bar Names

  • Stinger Sports
  • Gladiator Game
  • Triumph Team Bar
  • Godmother Sports Bar
  • Bishop Balls
  • Barbell Balls
  • Shake Sports Bar
  • Blaster Bar
  • Bomber Balls
  • Battleborn Bar
  • Butterfly Bar

3 things to consider when trying to find a cool bar name

Now let’s continue; here are three more options when trying to name your bar:

1. Start With Considering your Offering and your Customers:

  • What kind of beverages will your bar be serving? beer, whiskey, cocktails, etc
  • What is the mood of your bar? Classy, biker, on the corner, etc.
  • Which neighborhood or district is your cafe located in? Soho, Times Square, New York City, etc.
  • What type of customers do you have? singles, couples, office workers, etc.

2. What are Your Values and Background:

Consider your bar’s values first. What story do you tell your customers with your name?

Effective marketing is based on articulating and extending a harmonious concept from the inside out. Communicating what defines your business is the way to engage potential customers because it puts your story in context.

3. The best bar names often have a good story behind their name

See if you can find some interesting story or fact about the history of your building or the neighborhood and name your bar after that. 

Here is a great article that shows how effective this method can be: The 31 Greatest Bar Names in America.


We hope this article will help you to come up with a clever name for your bar or pub. It might seem like a daunting task to come up with a short, catchy name for your bar, but it can be a lot easier than you think.

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