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300 Smart & Cool Vegan Restaurant Names

Are you considering starting a vegan or vegetarian restaurant and looking for good name ideas? Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I share 300 awesome name ideas for vegan restaurants, including vegetarian ones.

More and more restaurants in the United States are vegan or vegetarian. This means that there are a lot of places to eat if you do not eat meat or animal products.

One the most common reasons people in the United States decided to stop eating meat or animal products were because they wanted to be healthier, cared about animals, and were worried about climate change (source).

Now let’s get into it!

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Smart Vegan Restaurant Name Ideas

  1. Verdant Vittles – A name that highlights the plant-based nature of the restaurant’s offerings.
  2. Green Grove Grub – A name that evokes a lush, natural setting and delicious vegan food.
  3. Plant Plate – A simple, yet distinctive name that emphasizes the focus on plant-based cuisine.
  4. Earthly Eats – A name that suggests a connection to the earth and its bountiful plant-based ingredients.
  5. Veggie Verve – A name that combines the energy and enthusiasm of a vegan lifestyle with delicious food.
  6. Herbivore Haven – A name that evokes a sanctuary for those who choose a plant-based diet.
  7. Garden Gourmet – A name that highlights the restaurant’s high-quality, plant-based dishes.
  8. Blossom Bistro – A name that suggests a blooming, thriving environment for enjoying vegan cuisine.
  9. Leaf & Loaf – A name that combines two essential elements of plant-based dining.
  10. Sprout & Savor – A name that emphasizes the growth and enjoyment of vegan food.
  11. Vegan Vibrance – A name that highlights the energy and vitality of a plant-based lifestyle.
  12. Root & Vine – A name that combines the foundational elements of plant-based cuisine.
  13. Grains & Greens – A name that emphasizes the variety and nutrition of vegan dishes.
  14. Nature’s Nosh – A name that suggests the natural, wholesome ingredients used in vegan cuisine.
  15. Flora & Feast – A name that combines the beauty of plant life with the enjoyment of dining.
  16. Seed & Soil – A name that highlights the origins of plant-based ingredients.
  17. PlantPure – A distinctive name that emphasizes the purity and simplicity of vegan cuisine.
  18. Veggie Visions – A name that suggests a forward-thinking, innovative approach to vegan dining.
  19. Harvest House – A name that evokes a welcoming environment for enjoying plant-based dishes.
  20. Garden Gatherings – A name that suggests a communal, social atmosphere for vegan dining.
  21. Sun & Soil – A name that highlights the essential elements of plant growth and vegan cuisine.
  22. Veggie Valley – A name that evokes a lush, fertile landscape for plant-based dining.
  23. Vegan Villa – A name that suggests a welcoming, comfortable environment for enjoying vegan food.
  24. Plant Pioneers – A name that highlights the innovative, trailblazing spirit of vegan cuisine.
  25. Earth’s Embrace – A name that suggests a connection to the planet and its plant-based resources.
  26. Kaleidoscope Kitchen – A name that emphasizes the colorful variety of vegan dishes.
  27. Vibrant Veg – A name that highlights the lively, energetic nature of plant-based cuisine.
  28. Sustain & Savor – A name that combines the environmental benefits of veganism with the enjoyment of dining.
  29. Greens & Gratitude – A name that emphasizes the appreciation for plant-based ingredients and their nourishment.
  30. Wholesome Harvest – A name that suggests the nutritious and bountiful nature of vegan cuisine.
  31. Eden Eats – A name that evokes a paradise for plant-based dining.
  32. Nourish & Flourish – A name that emphasizes the health and vitality of a vegan lifestyle.
  33. Gaia’s Garden – A name that highlights the connection to Mother Earth and her plant-based bounty.
  34. Vegan Voyage – A name that suggests an adventurous journey through plant-based cuisine.
  35. Soulful Sprouts – A name that combines the emotional connection to veganism with the growth of plant-based ingredients.
  36. Nature’s Nectar – A name that evokes the natural sweetness and nourishment of vegan food.
  37. Plant Powerhouse – A name that highlights the strength and vitality of a plant-based diet.
  38. Veggie Virtuoso – A name that suggests expertise and artistry in vegan cuisine.
  39. Green Gastronomy – A name that combines the color of plant life with the art of fine dining.
  40. Bountiful Botanica – A name that emphasizes the abundance and variety of plant-based ingredients.
  41. Lush & Leafy – A name that highlights the verdant, thriving nature of vegan cuisine.
  42. Vegan Zen – A name that suggests a peaceful, meditative approach to plant-based dining.
  43. Flourish & Foliage – A name that combines the growth of plants with the enjoyment of vegan food.
  44. Earth Essence – A name that evokes the fundamental nature of plant-based ingredients.
  45. Vital Veggies – A name that emphasizes the importance and nutrition of plant-based cuisine.
  46. Green Gourmet – A name that combines the color of plant life with high-quality vegan dining.
  47. Bamboo Bites – A name that suggests an Asian-inspired, plant-based dining experience.
  48. Vegan Ventures – A name that highlights the exploration and discovery of plant-based cuisine.
  49. Garden of Eatin’ – A playful name that evokes a paradise for vegan dining.
  50. Plantastic Plates – A name that combines the fantastic nature of plant-based cuisine with the art of plating.

Clever Vegan Restaurant Names

  • The Vegan Table
  • The Green Fork
  • Farm fresh to table
  • Heirloom
  • Nourishing Foods
  • Soulful Eats
  • Healthy Plate
  • Nourishment
  • The Balanced Plate
  • Nutrition Zone
  • Health-conscious Eats
  • Soulful Soup
  • The Enlightened Plate
  • Eating Well for Life!
  • Healthy Selections
  • Light Bites
  • Carefully Crafted Cuisine
  • The Wellness Café
  • The Conscious Eatery
  • Pure Food
  • The Green Plate
  • True North Cuisine
  • Seed
  • The Harvest Table
  • Garden of Eden
  • Living Earth Farm Kitchen
  • Nourish
  • Health-A-Plenty
Vegan quote by Chef Yotam Ottolenghi

Vegetarian Restaurant Names

  • Dancing Roots
  • The Organic Machine
  • The Natural Choice
  • Simply Healthy
  • Clean Juice Bar
  • Nutrition Depot
  • Health-A-Plenty
  • Simple Vegans
  • The Vegan Chickpea
  • Good For You Foods
  • Hearty Eats
  • Nourish
  • Herb the Earthling
  • The Essential Kitchen
  • Mindful Meals
  • Pure Food and Juice
  • Radiant Health Foods
  • Real Food Daily
  • True Food Kitchen
  • Snap Kitchen
  • Healthy Choice
  • Power Bowls & Wraps
  • The Natural
  • Sprouts Farmers Market

Catchy Vegan Restaurant Names

  • Chop’t Creative Salad Co.
  • Just Salad
  • Souen Macrobiotic Restaurant
  • Blossom Du Jour
  • Healthy Wraps
  • Health-A-Plenty
  • Simply Nutritious
  • Hearty Eats
  • Mindful Eating
  • The Balanced Plate
  • Wellness Grill
  • Just Food
  • Real Food
  • The Natural Choice
  • Basic Tenets of Healthy Eating
  • Green Cuisine
  • Fresh and Fit Foods
  • The Clean Plate Club
  • Pure Kitchen
  • Harvest House
  • The Good Food Company
  • SustainableTable
  • Rooted
vegan quote by Tyler Cowen

Cool Vegan Restaurant Names

  • Vitality Bowls
  • Green Cuisine
  • Pure Foods
  • Real Eats
  • Clean Plate Club
  • The Salad Bar
  • Nourish Bowls
  • Veggie Grill
  • Freshii
  • Tender Greens
  • Native Foods Cafe
  • By Chloe
  • Flower Child
  • Veggie Heaven
  • The Green Table
  • The Vegan Joint
  • Plant Food + Wine
  • Sage Organic Bistro
  • Crossroads Kitchen
  • Cafe Gratitude
  • Govinda’s Natural Foods Buffet
  • My Vegan
  • The Beet
  • Blossom Du Jour
  • Modern Love Brooklyn
  • Dao House Plant-Based Cuisine

Unique Vegan Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Heart Beet Kitchen
  • The Vegan Plate
  • Vegans R Us
  • Green Earth
  • The Conscious Kitchen
  • Nourish’d
  • The Vegan Yacht
  • The Green Café
  • Hippie Chickpea
  • No Bones About It
  • Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.
  • By Chloe
  • Blossom Du Jour
  • The Juice Bar
  • Lettuce Feast
  • Soul in a Bowl
  • The Wheatgrass Witch
  • Wildflower Vegan Cuisine
  • The Vegan Palace
  • Bunna Café
  • The Ethical Eatery
  • The Sustainable Table
  • Farm to Fork
  • The Organic Kitchen
  • Healthy Habits
  • Plum Bistro
  • Grasshopper NYC
  • Earth Candy
  • Cherry Bomber
  • by CHLOE.
  • The Fat Radish
  • Eggplant Farm
vegan quote by Rajesh

Best Vegan Restaurant Names

  • The Green Power
  • The Juice Monster
  • Green Giant
  • Nectar of the Gods
  • Odd Fellows
  • Sadelle’s
  • Sugar Hill Creamery
  • Vegans, Baby
  • Blueberry Fields Eat Shop
  • Green Thumbs-Up
  • The Green Plate
  • Veg-Inn
  • Garden Fresh Grill
  • Herbivore Heaven
  • Smoothieland
  • Veggie Heaven
  • PlantPure Nation
  • Harvest Health Foods
  • Vintage Garden
  • Green Cuisine
  • The Natural Choice
  • Food For Life
  • Be Healthy Food Store & Café
  • Mother’s Market & Kitchen
  • New Leaf
  • The Little Beet Table
  • Nutrition Depot
  • Healthy Habits Kitchen
  • Fresh and Fit Foods
  • Nourish
  • Power House Eats
  • Fuel Goodness
  • The Wellness Kitchen
  • Hearty Eats
  • Clean Plate Kitchen
  • Simply Good Eating
  • Tofu Tossin’ Kitchen
  • The Enlightened Eatery
  • The Conscious Kitchen
Quote by Paul Stamets

Vegan Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Bountiful
  • Crave
  • Pure Fare
  • Healthy Eats
  • Real Food
  • Whole Hearted Foods
  • The Nourishing Place
  • Refuel
  • The Vitality Kitchen
  • Clean Juice
  • Nutrition Depot
  • Snap Kitchen
  • Energize Juice Bar & Grill
  • Vedge
  • Champs Diner
  • The Flying Carrot
  • The Kitchenette
  • Vegan Mafia
  • Oso
  • Avant Garde Vegan
  • The Vurger Co.
  • The Gentle Gourmet
  • The Vegan Nest
  • V for Vegans
  • The Green Radish
  • The Redwood
  • Root Down
vegetarian quote by Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Vegan Cafe Name Ideas

  • The Wellness Café
  • Body Fuel Café
  • Simply Pure Café
  • Sun Cafe Organic
  • Healthy Habits Café
  • Fuel Cafe
  • Herbal Bliss Cafe
  • Pure Balance Café
  • Healthy Choice Cafe
  • Healthy Bites Café
  • The Wellspring Cafe
  • Sprout Café
  • Sunflower Café
  • Veg Out Cafe
  • Rainbow Cafe
  • The Beet Café
  • Lotus Blossom Café
  • Sunflower Café
  • Wheatgrass Juicery & Café
  • SuperFoods Rx Café
  • The Green Owl Cafe
vegetarian quote by Chef Guy Fieri

Raw Food Restaurant Names

  • The Raw Kitchen
  • Fresh & Wild
  • Rawifornia
  • The Crudite
  • Organika
  • Sprouts
  • Nourish
  • Sage Organic Bistro
  • Blossom
  • Lifethyme Natural Market & Café
  • NatureMart
  • The Green Apron Kitchen
  • Cookies and Carrots
  • The Produce Box
  • Be Healthy! Natural Foods
  • The Carrot Seed Kitchen Company
  • Greens & Grains
  • Health-A-Plenty
  • Healing Health Foods
  • Real Food Daily
  • Wildflower Restaurant & Catering Company
  • YumYum’s Healthy Foods
  • Nourish Bowls
  • Health-full Eats
  • Vibrant Table
  • Real Food Company
  • The Natural Kitchen
  • Organically Grown
  • Farm Fresh Foods
  • Root Down Farm
  • Locally Grown Produce
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Soyful Kitchen
  • The Vegan Joint
  • I Heart Vegetables
vegetarian quote by chef David Chang

3 Tips When Naming Your Vegan Restaurant

1. Start by thinking about your offering and your customer base:

  • What type of vegetarian restaurant is it? vegan, raw food, juice bar, etc.
  • What is the atmosphere of your business? casual, family-oriented, on the corner, etc.
  • Which neighborhood or district is your cafe located in? Soho, Times Square, New York City, etc.
  • What type of customers do you have? Singles, couples, office workers, etc.

2. What are your values and background:

Consider your restaurant’s mission statement and values first. What story do you tell your customers with your name?

It’s important for you to communicate what makes your company unique so that people understand why they should choose you instead of your competitors.

3. The best vegan restaurant names often have a good story behind their name

Try to find something interesting about the history of your house or the neighborhood and include that in the name. You can use this story for your restaurant slogans or taglines too.

Conclusion & More Restaurant Marketing & Branding Resources

By reading this article, we hope you will be inspired to come up with an original name for your restaurant. If you found this helpful, then you might want to check out the following resources:

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