183 Clever & Catchy Seafood Restaurant Names

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While naming a seafood restaurant can be a challenge, we’ve compiled over 180 different ideas that can help jumpstart your brainstorming session and spark your imagination.

This list includes some of the most creative and clever names online, sorted into different categories, including catchy, classy, French names, Sushi restaurant names, and more.

A restaurant’s name is a big part of its identity, and it’s no wonder that some of the best seafood restaurant names are inspired by the sea.

Seafood restaurant names

A name is a brand’s first impression. A good name embodies the spirit of the restaurant and will create a lasting impression on customers. It should be memorable and made up of words associated with the type of food served. 

The name should stand out and be easily remembered so that it will spill off the tongue when people are talking about it. A good name should also be able to carry a message or feeling to the customer.

We have also included a quick guide on how to name your restaurant at the end of the list.

Now, let’s get into it!

Best Seafood Restaurant Names
Catchy Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas
Classy Seafood Restaurant Names
Creative Seafood Restaurant Names
French Seafood Restaurant Name Inspiration
Oyster Bar Name Ideas
Sushi Restaurant Name Ideas

Best Seafood Restaurant Names

  • On Deck 
  • Ocean House
  • Aquarius
  • South Sea Gourmet
  • Sea Breeze
  • Salmon’s Edge
  • Bluewater Delight
  • Ocean Blue
  • Sail & Hook
  • Shark Bay Restaurant
  • Kings Seafood Lounge
  • Titanic Fish
  • Nautico
  • Smokey’s Harbor
  • Maritime
  • Salty Reef Grill
  • Sea Time Restaurant
  • L’Océanic
  • Lucky Crab
  • Ocean Reef Seafood
  • The Bluebird Marine
  • Bikini Fish Market
  • Oceania
  • Bayside Grill
  • Tiki Star Grill
  • Shoreline
  • Dockside
  • Ocean City
  • The Ocean Kitchen
  • Aqua Delicatessen
Seafood quote by Carl Safina

Catchy Seafood Restaurant Name Ideas

  • The Reef Factor
  • Lagoon Grill
  • Shark Park Grill
  • Rocky River Reef
  • Sea City Seafood
  • Isle Of Ra
  • The Pearl Shores
  • Driftwood
  • Pier 77 Fish & Chips
  • Ocean Breeze
  • Cabana Sky Sea
  • Lobster Block
  • Chowder Queen
  • Maya Bay
  • Shore of Maine
  • Whale and Oak
  • Crab & Lobster Shack
  • Fish N’ Roll
  • Explorer
  • The Anchor Shack
  • Aqua Garden
  • Pearl Sea World
  • Reef Breeze
  • Ocean Eats
  • The Reef Dining Club
  • Ocean Shell
  • Au Vieux Port
  • Lagoon Chowder
  • Island Sea Kitchen
Seafood quote by Chef Bradley Nicholson

Classy Seafood Restaurant Names

  • Aquafin
  • Le Vieux Dauphin
  • Fra Diavolo
  • L’Amiral
  • The Piscatori
  • Peixes
  • La Marine
  • Le Channel
  • Marseille On Water
  • Sea Dragon
  • Aroma Bay
  • Marquis Seafood
  • The Golden Fish
  • Maritime Seas
  • Ocean Palace
  • The Ocean Dragon
  • Neptune
  • Sea King
  • Lakeside Pearl
  • Oasis
  • Casa Piscatori
  • Marinelles
  • L’Ocean
  • Aquaculture
  • The Pearl of Minerva
  • Swan Bay
  • Marine Kingdom
  • Hollywood Pearl
Seafood quote by Ferran Adria - Spanish Chef

Creative Seafood Restaurant Names

  • Message in a Bottle
  • The Captain’s Hat
  • On The Hook
  • Moonfish
  • Pirate’s Cove
  • Pink Dolphin
  • Oceania
  • The Deep Anchor
  • Le Bon Fish Co.
  • Wharf Duck
  • Ocean Turtle
  • The Dapper Shrimp
  • Ocean Jumbo
  • River Queen
  • Fish Club
  • The Coral Social
  • The Sea Lion
  • The Crab and Melon
  • The Crocodile Cove
  • King Crab
  • Le Pirate
  • The Whale’s End
  • Oceans First Seafood
  • El Pescaderia
  • My Seawater Mermaid
  • Marino Dining
  • Pink Ocean Pearl
  • Ocean Star
Seafood quote by Tilman J. Fertitta

French Seafood Restaurant Name Inspiration

  • Le Petite Marine
  • L’Abysse
  • Côtes de Provence
  • La Marée
  • Thermidor
  • La Fontaine
  • Restaurant du Port
  • Plateau
  • Le Pont Bleu
  • Fruits de Mere
  • La Meranda
  • La Terrass au Meridiene
  • L’Eau de vie
  • Flaveur
  • Sauvage Nautique
  • Le Jour Seafood
  •  L’Oasis du Pêcheur
  • Jour de Pêche
  • Au Côte D’Or
  • Le Petit Ocean
  • Le Côte De Moisson
  • Le Quai
  • Le Poséidon
  • Le Poisson d’Or
  • Restaurant de la Plage
  • Restaurant Le Grand Bleu
Seafood quote by Herbert Hoover

Oyster Bar Name Ideas

  • Beach House Oyster
  • Aroma Oyster Bar
  • Citrus Oyster Bar
  • Salty Pot
  • Kitty’s Oyster Bar
  • Odyssée
  • Sea of Oysters
  • The Oyster Chest
  • The Good Oyster
  • Ostriferi
  • Ocotillo Seafood
  • Wharf’s Edge
  • Salty Siam
  • Viva Oyster
  • The Oysters King
  • Pisces-Isle Oysters
  • The Nook
Seafood quote by Anthony Bourdain

Sushi Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Nakamori Sushi
  • Resto Sushi Express
  • The Red Rock Sushi
  • Mizushima Sushi
  • Oceans Sushi
  • Kaito Sushi
  • Takimi Express
  • O-san Sushi
  • Zen
  • Ten Ton Sushi House
  • Sushi Taifu
  • Blue Bay Sushi
  • Kabuki
  • Yoshi
  • Kintaro Sushi
  • Sushi Doki
  • Sushi K
  • The Sake Bros
  • Sumo Me
  • Shades Of Sushi
  • Sushi Spot
  • Koi’s Kitchen
  • Sapporo Sushi
  • Sage Sushi
  • Masami

3 things to consider when naming your seafood restaurant

1. Start with considering your offering and your customers:

  • What type of seafood restaurant is it? Sushi, oysters, fish & chips, etc.
  • What is the atmosphere of your business? Fine dining, family-oriented, on the corner, etc.
  • Which neighborhood or district is your cafe located in? Soho, Times Square, New York City, etc.
  • What type of customers do you have? Singles, couples, office workers, etc.

2. What are your values and background:

Consider your restaurant’s values first. What story do you tell your customers with your name?

Effective marketing is based on articulating and extending a harmonious concept from the inside out. Communicating what defines your business is how to engage potential customers because it puts your story in context.

3. The best seafood restaurant names often have a good story behind their name

See if you can find some interesting story or fact about the history of your building or the neighborhood and name your restaurant after that. 

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