225 Cool & Unique Fast Food Restaurant Names

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There are many things to consider when opening a fast food restaurant. But one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what to name your restaurant.

The name must be catchy enough to attract customers and memorable enough to stay in their minds after eating. And, of course, it should be unique enough to stand out from the competition.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of fast food restaurant name ideas.

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As of 2021, there are an estimated 188,402 quick-service restaurant establishments in the United States. Some examples of quick-service restaurants are limited-service eateries, cafeterias, fast food places, beverage bars, ice cream parlors, pizza delivery businesses, carryout sandwich shops, and carryout service stores with on-premises baking goods. (Source Statista).

So, take a look and see if any of these name ideas inspire you.

Also, at the end of the post, see my tips for naming your own fast food restaurant.

Creative Fast Food Restaurant Names

  • Bad to the Bone BBQ
  • Wok on the Wild Side
  • Barnyard Burger
  • Flying Saucer Pizzeria
  • Just Wing It!
  • Grill ‘N’ Chill
  • Burger Barn
  • Fries and Shine
  • Grill and Chill
  • Just Winging It
  • Off the Hook
  • Only the Finest
  • Super Subs
  • That’s How We Roll
  • The Whole Enchilada
  • Wrap it Up!
  • What’s Cookin’
  • A Cut Above
  • Angry Birds Fried Chicken
  • Bojangles’ Famous Chicken
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Dog House Hot Dogs
  • Kebab Korner
  • French Fry Heaven
  • Hamburger Hall of Fame
  • Pizza Palace
  • The Fast Foodie
  • On the Go Cuisine
  • Quick Bites Café
  • Fast and Fresh Eats
  • The Express Lane Café
  • Taco Twister
  • Chicken Nugget Nirvana
  • Onion Ring Oasis
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Catchy Names for Fast Food Restaurants

  • The Dogfather’s Hot Dogs
  • Hamburger House
  • Patty Paradise
  • The Hamburger Joint
  • The Flying Pizza
  • Kebab King
  • The Kebab Connection
  • Kebab World
  • Istanbul Kebabs
  • Popeyes Kitchen
  • Golden Chick
  • The Codfather
  • Chippy’s
  • Lord of the Fries
  • Deep Fried Heaven
  • Pumping Pies Pizza
  • Burgers ‘N’ Bowls
  • The Lunch House
  • Street Spoon
  • Urban Kitchen
  • The Grab and Go Grill
  • Sprint Eats
  • Rapid Bites
  • Fast Food America
  • Metro Eats
  • Spoonful of Comfort
  • Bite Size Gourmet
  • The Takeout Tower
  • Street Grill
  • Urban Spoon
  • Metro Grill
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Clever Fast Food Business Names

  • Cheeseburger Chalet
  • Falafel Fiesta
  • Popcorn Pavilion
  • Soft Pretzel Emporium
  • Cotton Candy Cafe
  • Snow Cone Standoff
  • Nacho Bar
  • Zesty Chicken Wings Grill
  • Fish and Chips Frenzy
  • Poutine Paradise
  • Fast Food House
  • Takeout Station
  • Snack Shack
  • Diner on the Go
  • Quick Bites Café
  • On the Run Eats
  • Fast Fare Foods
  • Express Eats
  • Grab and Go Grill
  • Flash Foods
  • Big Bob’s Burgers and Fries
  • Bob’s Java Jive
  • Big Al’s Pizzeria
  • Drive Thru Delights
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Good Fast Food Restaurant Names

  • Grab and Go
  • Wrap it Up
  • Roadside Dining
  • Carry-Out Cuisine
  • Dine and Dash
  • Uncle Sam’s Burger Joint
  • The Burger Shack
  • Grill Marks
  • Fat Tony’s Pizza
  • Mama Mia’s Pizza
  • Perfect Pie
  • Popeye’s Kitchen
  • The Burger Palace
  • Pizza Haven
  • Chicken City
  • Taco Town
  • Sandwich Island
  • The Fry House
  • Grill World
  • Pizza Land
  • Grilled Power
  • Super Burger
  • Power Burrito
  • Energy Tacos
  • Healthy Burger
  • Kitchen 365
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Fast Food Names List

  • New York Minute Pizza
  • That’s Amore Pizza
  • Moe’s Southwest Grill
  • Juice Junction
  • Smoothie Sip
  • Coffee Break Cafe
  • El Toro Loco
  • Taco del Mar
  • Burrito Beach
  • Samurai Noodle Bar
  • Wok On Fire
  • The Fry Spot
  • Red Star Burgers
  • The Fire Bowl
  • The Planet Grille
  • Straight Up
  • The Fry Place
  • Fry Heaven
  • Fry House
  • Shake Stack Cafe
  • Evolution Fast Food
  • The Nourishing Burger Co
  • Sizzle & Salt
  • Fat Chops
  • Fantasy Sandwich Co
  • Rise Fast Food
  • The Fry Spot
  • Red Star Burgers
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Cool Fast Food Names

  • Grill’d
  • The Counter
  • Pita Pit
  • Firehouse Subs
  • The Hot Dog House
  • Hamburger’s Legend
  • Power Burger
  • Grilled Power
  • Super Burger
  • Power Burrito
  • Energy Tacos
  • Power Taco
  • TurboTaco
  • Mango Tango
  • Bio Burger
  • Chickpea Dreams
  • Fava Beans and Love
  • Bean Me Up
  • A Taste of Heaven
  • Green Burrito
  • Veggie Grill
  • Juice Plus
  • Snack Shack
  • Sweet Earth
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Unique Fast Food Names

  • Fat Roadster Grillhouse
  • The Sizzling Grill
  • Earth’s Bounty
  • Earth’s Breadbasket
  • The Smile Cafe
  • Green Zone Express
  • Turbo Taco
  • Mango Tango
  • The Better Life Co.
  • Fit Foods Cafe
  • Healthy Bunter
  • Thrive
  • Dreamy Delights Eating Lounge
  • Eat on the Go
  • Hook & Fry
  • Papaya House
  • Chick Delights Express
  • Noodle Mania
  • Porky’s Platter Express
  • Crazy Noodle House
  • Pizza Palace
  • Sizzlin’ Steak House
  • The Pit
  • Smokin’ Daddy’s BBQ
  • Fire Burger
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Best Fast Food Restaurant Name Ideas

  • Cruisin’ Cuisine
  • Rolling in the Dough Pizzeria
  • The Pit Stop Café
  • Fast Track Foods
  • Need for Speed Grill
  • Driving Diner
  • Rolling Sushi
  • The Wheel House Café
  • Fender Bender Grill
  • Bumper-to-Bumper Burgers
  • Drive Thru Deli
  • Eat Street Grill
  • Taco Truckin’
  • Chicken Cottage
  • Blue Plate
  • Lunch Box
  • The Grill Spot
  • Food Plaza
  • Dining Avenue
  • Food Court
  • The Express Eatery
  • Flash Foods
  • Fast Foodie Heaven
  • Burger Bonanza
  • Grubbin’ and Rollin’
  • Lunchbox Munchies
  • Green Dot
  • Shake King
  • Sizzle & Salt
  • Fantasy Sandwich Co
  • Rise Fast Food
  • Green Corner
  • Burger N Bites
  • Burger X Zone
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8 Quick Tips for Naming Your Fast Food Restaurant

Naming a restaurant is no easy task. The name could reflect the type of food served, the location where it’s located, or even the atmosphere inside. There are several ways to come up with a good restaurant name:

1. Use words from the menu.  This is a way to come up with a name that’s both creative and reflective of what your restaurant serves. For example, if your restaurant has a lot of seafood dishes on its menu, you could use “catch” in the names of some of them.

2. Use puns or plays on words. Puns can make your restaurant name more memorable and unique. If your restaurant is located in a beach town, you could use a pun like “Sandy’s Seaside Eats” or “Sunny’s Surf Shack”.

3. Use your location as inspiration. If you’re in a city with a lot of history, use that to your advantage. For example, “The Founding Fathers Diner” or “The Liberty Bell Café”. Or, if you’re located in a scenic spot, use that to your advantage with a name like “The Mountain View Café” or “The Waterfall Grill”.

4. Use pop culture references. Use this to connect with potential customers on a personal level. For example, “The Golden Girls Café” or “The Gorillaz Pizzeria”.

5. Use a foreign word or phrase. If you want your restaurant name to have an exotic feel, use a foreign word or phrase in the name. For example, “La Casa Italiana” or “Chez Francois”.

6. Keep it simple. Sometimes the best restaurant names are the simplest ones. For example, “The Diner” or “Joe’s Café”.

7. Get personal. Naming your restaurant after yourself or a family member is a great way to make it feel like a home away from home for your customers. For example, “Mama’s Kitchen” or “The Smith Family Restaurant”.

8. Use alliteration. This is when you use the same letter for multiple words in a row. For example, “Mike’s Mammoth burgers and fries” or “Sandy’s Seaside Eats”. Alliteration is a great way to make your restaurant’s name catchy and memorable.

Conclusion & More Restaurant Marketing & Branding Resources

By reading this article, we hope you will be inspired to come up with an original name for your restaurant. If you found this helpful, then you might want to check out the following resources: