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New iPhone-based POS, Goodbye Card Readers?

Union, a restaurant POS system, has introduced a solution that lets servers and bartenders take guest orders and handle payments directly from their iPhones. This approach eliminates the reliance on traditional physical credit cards and bulky card readers, improving the entire dining experience.

Union’s POS for iPhone solution provides several benefits for high-volume restaurants and bars. By allowing direct tableside ordering and payment processing on iPhones, the system aims to increase table turnover and improve customer satisfaction.

According to Union’s data, credit card readers face issues nearly a third of the time, slowing down transactions and frustrating guests. By replacing bulky card readers with mobile devices, restaurants can provide faster payment processing experiences.

The POS for iPhone also enables guests to conveniently tap-to-pay, scan-to-pay, or use Union’s guest-led mobile payment app. This provides a smooth and hassle-free payment option in line with growing consumer preferences for digital payments. Recent surveys indicate nearly 40% of restaurant-goers now prefer paying with apps over physical cards.

The iPhone POS integrates seamlessly with Union’s guest-led ordering platform, providing staff with valuable customer insights that can further enhance service. It can also run alongside existing restaurant POS systems, with minimal setup and training required.

While the mobile POS offers advantages, some security and hardware concerns exist. Relying solely on iPhones could increase risks of hacking or theft. Many restaurants may still require traditional POS terminals as backup. More comprehensive data security and privacy protections may be needed for the digital solution.

However, the convenience and revenues associated with transitioning to app-based ordering and payments present a compelling incentive for restaurants to adopt Union’s innovative iPhone POS system. As consumer preferences continue shifting to digital transactions, the solution allows forward-thinking establishments to tap into this growing trend while improving customer satisfaction.

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