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Toast’s New Restaurant Management Suite for Enterprises

Toast has just launched its new Restaurant Management Suite, a comprehensive solution designed to help enterprise brands thrive.

However, the implications of this launch extend beyond the enterprise realm.

Imagine you’re running a small cafe, struggling to keep up with the data-driven decision-making of your larger competitors. Toast’s new suite, particularly its Advanced Restaurant Analytics and Benchmarking tools, could be the key to leveling the playing field.

By providing detailed insights into sales, menu performance, and industry benchmarks, these features empower restaurants of all sizes to optimize their operations and drive revenue.

With innovations like Benchmarking and improved tools like Multi-Location Management and Menu Manager and Publishing Center, Restaurant Management Suite is designed to help restaurants of any size, especially multi-unit brands, perform at their best and grow

Steve Fredette, President and Co-Founder of Toast

While tailored to larger, multi-unit operators, the suite’s features, from streamlined multi-location management to enhanced security measures offer significant benefits for smaller establishments looking to expand.

As independent restaurants scale up, tools like Menu Manager and Multi-Location Reporting can help maintain consistency and efficiency across new locations.

Advanced Restaurant Analytics and Benchmarking for Data-Driven Decisions

One of the standout features of the Restaurant Management Suite is Advanced Restaurant Analytics. This AI-powered tool provides detailed data and insights to help teams make better business decisions across all locations.

According to a recent Toast survey (source), operators identified managing multiple service channels and interpreting guest data as top challenges.

Advanced Restaurant Analytics addresses these challenges by offering clear sales and menu performance visibility, including location-level reporting and competitive benchmarking.

Soon, the Advanced Analytics will include the Benchmarking tool, allowing operators to compare their restaurant and menu performance with aggregated data from Toast’s network of restaurants.

This tool will provide insights into sales and order volume by restaurant type and food/beverage categories, helping operators identify opportunities to drive revenue through new menu items, limited-time offers, or updated pricing.

Multi-Location Management and Menu Manager

Toast’s Restaurant Management Suite includes improved Multi-Location Reporting, allowing restaurants to view their entire business at a glance, segment locations, and compare them using an expanded list of key performance metrics.

The Multi-Location Management and Menu Manager features are designed for enterprise brands with multiple locations but can also benefit smaller restaurants with expansion plans.

Enhanced Security and Support for Enterprise Brands

Toast’s Restaurant Management Suite includes Partner Integrations and Toast API access, allowing operators to share data with third-party tools and build custom apps using Toast’s APIs.

Enterprise brands prioritize security, and Toast delivers End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions, ensuring the highest protection for payment data.

Enterprise Toast Care is a key part of the Restaurant Management Suite, providing support for complex configurations, tech stacks, and the scale of enterprise brands. Enterprise Care agents can resolve issues faster and more effectively with their deep knowledge of configurations and integrations.


I think tools like these will become increasingly essential for success. Restaurant owners and managers should take note of Toast’s new suite and consider how these innovative features could help them stay ahead in a competitive landscape.

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