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Table Needs Launches All-in-One Food Truck POS

Operating a successful food truck requires streamlining operations to quickly serve up delicious food even in cramped spaces.

An innovative new POS system from Table Needs aims to help food truck owners improve efficiency. With its menu management capabilities and integration of online, mobile, and in-person ordering, this POS delivers a new level of convenience.

One of the biggest pain points for food trucks is juggling multiple menus for different situations. From catering to dietary preferences to offering secret menu items, food trucks need flexibility in showcasing what’s available.

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Table Needs’ POS allows easy creation and updating of separate menus that can be tailored for events, times of day, dietary needs, and more. Menus can be instantly updated on the fly, so food trucks can respond quickly if a dish sells out.

Unified Ordering Channels

Linking these dynamic menus to an order system is the next piece of the puzzle. Table Needs’ POS syncs menus with online ordering, QR code ordering, and in-person point-of-sale purchasing for a unified system. Customers can order ahead online or scan a QR code on arrival to skip the line. Behind the scenes, the system routes orders directly to the kitchen display system. This connectivity eliminates confusion and mistakes that can happen with paper tickets.

Integrated KDS

The kitchen display system is like mission control for food truck kitchens. By tracking orders from all sources in one place, the KDS allows cooks to prioritize tasks and keep up with the lunch or dinner rush. The system even sends text alerts to customers when orders are ready for pickup, reducing bottlenecks.

Flexible POS Hardware and Software

The POS and software are provided with no long-term contracts, hidden fees, or requirements to purchase expensive proprietary hardware, and food truck owners can get started with their existing devices.

With mobile and online ordering growing, food trucks need a POS that embraces these technologies while still adding value. The Table Needs system balances convenience for customers with fast processes for kitchens.

Food Truck POS Systems

Choosing the right food truck POS is all about finding the perfect fit. What works for one truck serving simple menus may not work for another with hundreds of options. I think Table Needs looks promising for its integration across ordering channels and its specialized food truck features.

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