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Lightspeed Launches Tableside POS Feature

Summary: Lightspeed unveiled new product innovations for the retail and restaurant sectors, headlined by Lightspeed Tableside – a handheld POS device to enable faster tableside ordering and payment processing in restaurants. Additional features include integrated accounting reconciliation, commission-free delivery, and expanded merchant financing.

Lightspeed Tableside device

In an industry where efficiency and customer engagement are paramount, Lightspeed Commerce Inc.’s latest innovation, Lightspeed Tableside, promises to redefine how restaurants manage orders and payments.

This portable POS and payment device allows servers to accept orders and process payments right at the table, counter, or patio. Compact and lightweight, it fits neatly into an apron or pocket, facilitating tableside service.

This is the innovation of Lightspeed Tableside: it’s not just portable, it’s a powerful tool for multitasking. The device seamlessly integrates order-taking and payment processing, allowing for bills to be split among diners, tips to be calculated, and payments to be processed through various methods, all from the same screen and without the server ever needing to leave the guest’s side.

Key Benefits of Lightspeed Tableside

  • Faster Service: With on-the-spot order processing, guests enjoy quicker delivery of meals, leading to higher satisfaction.
  • Increased Table Turnover: Streamlined ordering significantly boosts table turnover, especially during peak hours, maximizing revenue potential.
  • Enhanced Personalization: Servers can easily split checks and process various contactless payment options right at the table, tailoring the experience.
  • Streamline Staff Workflow: Servers can focus more on customer interaction and less on manual tasks, thanks to the device’s integrated ordering and payment system.
  • Increase Sales Opportunities: Lightspeed Tableside’s prompts for servers encourage strategic upselling, potentially enhancing your bottom line with every order.

Integrations and Expansions

Lightspeed Payments now enables simplified accounting reconciliation by integrating with platforms like QuickBooks Online and Xero. Automating the recording of deposits and fees saves managers time.

What once took an hour of meticulous work now unfolds in moments, allowing you to close the books with ease and start fresh the next day. This integration exemplifies how Lightspeed is not just enhancing the customer experience but also simplifying back-end operations.

With Self Delivery on Order Anywhere, restaurants manage their delivery process orders seamlessly through a built-in system. This provides a commission-free method of reaching more customers.

Additionally, Lightspeed Capital’s funding solution expanded into several European countries. Its flat fee structure and rapid approvals simplify financing for restaurants.

Informed Decision Making

With Lightspeed Payments integration, Tableside provides data on customer preferences, sales trends, and menu performance. These insights help managers refine strategies, menu offerings, and operations for greater success.

The new features from Lightspeed aim to both streamline restaurant operations and cater to changing consumer dining habits and preferences. Tableside service, in particular, promises to accelerate and personalize the ordering experience.

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