300 Catchy & Unique Indian Restaurant Names

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One of the many challenges of starting a new restaurant, especially Indian, is naming it. It is likely that the name you pick is already taken since there are so many Indian restaurants across the globe. Because we are talking about an Indian restaurant, the name has to be unique and catchy and speak of the Indian culture. Indian foods are more than just about spices and colors, and it should be reflected in the name you choose. 

To give you a head start in your search for that perfect Indian restaurant name, we have listed some 300 unique and catchy names that you might find useful and inspiring. 

Indian restaurant names

The names we have suggested are based on Indian restaurant categories. This will help you pick based on the type of restaurant you are opening. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Indian Fusion Restaurant Names
Indian Fast Food Shop Names
Fancy Indian Restaurant Names
Indian Take Away Restaurant Names
Indian Sweet Shop Names
Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Names
Casual Indian Restaurant Names
Indian Food Truck Names

Indian Fusion Restaurant Names 

  1. The Spice Delight
  2. Indian Masala House 
  3. Tandoori Palace 
  4. Home of Biryanis 
  5. The Spice Factory 
  6. Ahmedabadi 
  7. Curry Kingdom 
  8. The Taste of Hyderabad
  9. Namastey UK/US/…any country or city name 
  10. Oh! Bambai 
  11. The Kebab Island 
  12. Parantha Platform 
  13. Dilli ki Rasoi 
  14. The South Indian Delight 
  15. Darjeeling Calling 
  16. Desilicious 
  17. Masala Chowk 
  18. Masala Maarke 
  19. The Spice Club 
  20. Village Food Factory 
  21. Garam Masala 
  22. The Indian Spice Club 
  23. Roti Mahal 
  24. Spirit of India
  25. Sizzling Spices 
  26. Antaratma 
  27. Khana Khazana 
  28. The Big Fat Indian 
  29. Lounge Tamil 
  30. Dad ki Rasoi 
  31. The Naan House 
  32. Parantha Factory 
  33. Dal Tadka 
  34. Masala Magic 
  35. Pulao 
  36. Gol Roti 
  37. The Allahabadi’s 
Indian food

Indian Fast Food Shop Names

  1. Tikka ‘n’ Talk 
  2. Tikkas 
  3. The Tikkawala 
  4. Tandoori Grill 
  5. Fiery Tandoor 
  6. Murgh Chowk 
  7. Fiery Tikka 
  8. The Spice Hut 
  9. The Paneer Bar 
  10. Rajasthani Delights 
  11. Jalebi Chaat 
  12. The Korma Stand 
  13. The Spice Bar 
  14. Chandni Chowk 
  15. Vada Pav Corner 
  16. Bhel Street
  17. Fafda Kitchen  
  18. Madras Cafe 
  19. Rasam Corner 
  20. The Papad House 
  21. Goan Cafe 
  22. Malabari Kitchen 
  23. Malabari Bites 
  24. Desi Palace 
  25. Chaat Mahal 
  26. Kebab Express 
  27. Desi Pakwan 
  28. Spice Mix 
  29. Tandoori Barn 
  30. Mr. Tandoor 
  31. Mughlai Junction 
  32. Tandoori Joint 
  33. Masala Booth 
  34. Killer Kebab House 
  35. Tandoori House 
  36. Dilliwali Thali 
  37. Murgh Masala House 
Indian food

Fancy Indian Restaurant Names 

  1. The Great Indian Kitchen 
  2. The Maharaja Club 
  3. The Imperial Spice 
  4. The Indian Grill 
  5. King of Spices 
  6. Cardamom 
  7. Shahi Darbar 
  8. Mughlai Darbar 
  9. The Indian Kadhai 
  10. The Grand Hyderabadi Kitchen 
  11. Lazeez 
  12. Bawarchi 
  13. Mumbai Diners’ Club 
  14. Kitchen Lababdar 
  15. Indian Food Court 
  16. Indian Chowk 
  17. Salt and Pepper 
  18. Golden Curry Company
  19. Laal Maans
  20. Lababdaari 
  21. Mezbaan 
  22. Khana Khazana 
  23. Dawat 
  24. Nawabi Thali 
  25. Indian Oven 
  26. Desi Tandoor 
  27. The Haandi House 
  28. The Blue Taj 
  29. Zaiqa 
  30. Dawat-ae-zaiqa 
  31. The Curry Company 
  32. The Indian Diet 
  33. Masala Dining Club 
  34. The Indian Tavern
  35. Indian Meat House 
  36. Indian Gourmet 
  37. Chilly Point   
Indian food

Indian Take Away Restaurant Names 

  1. The Samosa Junction 
  2. Kashmiri Delights 
  3. Shahi Mandi 
  4. Royal Bites 
  5. Murgh Station 
  6. Biriyani Grills 
  7. Mann Chow 
  8. Goan Cafe Club 
  9. Desi Tadka 
  10. The Vada Company 
  11. Bombay Sandwich House 
  12. Aloo Chaat 
  13. The Punjabi Kitchen 
  14. Curry Bites 
  15. Curry Junction 
  16. Curry Street 
  17. Curry Corner 
  18. Indian Snack Point 
  19. Desi Grill 
  20. Punjabi Naan Kitchen 
  21. Mughlai Takeaway 
  22. Curry Cooker 
  23. The Idli Company 
  24. The Andaman Cafe 
  25. Jodhpuri Grills 
  26. The Green Chutney 
  27. Street Spice Company 
  28. Chai Paani 
  29. Chaska Chaiwala 
  30. Biryani Depot 
  31. Desi Dera 
  32. Kashimri Dhaba 
  33. Biryani Street 
  34. Dal Roti Wala 
  35. Bombay Rasoi 
  36. Shahi Khana 
  37. Dilli Tikka House 
Ice Cream dessert

Indian Sweet Shop Names 

  1. Gulab and Jamun 
  2. Rajdhani Sweets 
  3. Mastgulla 
  4. Malai Marke 
  5. The Katli House 
  6. Shahi Lassi House 
  7. Gujiawalas 
  8. The Modak House 
  9. Makkhan 
  10. Sherbat 
  11. Halwawala 
  12. The Ghevar House 
  13. Barfiwala 
  14. Kesar Pista 
  15. Hindustan Coffee House 
  16. The Frozen Kulfi 
  17. Gulkand 
  18. Banarasi Lassi Wala 
  19. Chaiwala 
  20. Rasmalai 
  21. Desi Sugar Blast 
  22. Thandai House
  23. Appam Corner 
  24. Katli Street 
  25. Indian Katli Company 
  26. The Sevaiyan Club 
  27. Kheer and Rabri House 
  28. Halwa Corner 
  29. Indian Sweet Factory 
  30. Saffron Delights 
  31. Malpua Corner 
  32. Sweets of India 
  33. Sugary Bites 
  34. Sweet Town
  35. Sweet Republic
  36. Mysore Sweet Shop 
  37. Sweet O’Clock 
Indian food

Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Names 

  1. Indian Greens 
  2. The Great Indian Vegetarian Buffet 
  3. Kharbooza 
  4. Aam Panna 
  5. Indian Garden 
  6. Jeera Shack 
  7. The Kofta Corner 
  8. Green Buffet 
  9. Leafy Greens 
  10. Curry Leaves 
  11. Cloves 
  12. Churumuri 
  13. Makai Greens 
  14. Hara Bhara 
  15. South Indian Delights 
  16. Dosa World 
  17. The Dosa Factory 
  18. The Indian Stove 
  19. Vegan Palace 
  20. The Dosa Bhavan 
  21. The Upma House 
  22. Udupi Kitchen 
  23. Sambar Spice 
  24. The Green Indian 
  25. Curry Garden 
  26. The Indian Garden 
  27. The Curry Table 
  28. The Curry Life 
  29. Vegan Kebab Factory 
  30. The Green Cafe 
  31. Cafe Hariyali 
  32. Hariyali Dhaba 
  33. Laal Mirch 
  34. Hariyali Rasoi 
  35. The Indian Vegan Club 
  36. EPIC Greens 
  37. The Green Table
Indian food

Casual Indian Restaurant Names 

  1. The Spice Table
  2. Taj Mahal
  3. Spirit of India 
  4. Holy Basil 
  5. Indian Soup Factory 
  6. Desi Firangi 
  7. Tapri Chai Wala 
  8. Lucknowi Rasoi 
  9. Indian Teapot 
  10. Mumbai Panty 
  11. Kettle and Chai 
  12. Mirchi Central 
  13. Gujarati Bistro 
  14. Cafe Malabar 
  15. Narial Pani 
  16. Curry Parlour 
  17. Ustad Hotel 
  18. Urban Turban 
  19. Delhi’s Belly 
  20. Cafe Goa 
  21. Kochi Kitchen 
  22. Mainland India 
  23. The Konkan Cafe
  24. Desi Deli  
  25. The Flying Carpet 
  26. Curry Platter 
  27. Oh! Calcutta 
  28. Once Upon a Flame 
  29. Fat Sindhi 
  30. Zaffran 
  31. Sigdi 
  32. Indian Grill Room 
  33. Art of Spices 
  34. Mad Over Spices 
  35. Chennai Express 
  36. Litti Chokha 
  37. Hariyali Kitchen  
kebab grill

Indian Food Truck Names

  1. Mobile Spice 
  2. Spice on Wheels 
  3. Dabbewala 
  4. The Indian Wheel
  5. The Naan Bus 
  6. Murgewala 
  7. Punjabi by Nature 
  8. Tikka on Wheels 
  9. Vada Pav Express 
  10. Indian Street Food 
  11. Tikka Bytes 
  12. TikkaTaco 
  13. Desi Express 
  14. Dhaba on Wheels 
  15. Pav Bhaji Express 
  16. Roll On Samosas 
  17. Street Platter 
  18. The Platter Bus 
  19. Indian BBQ 
  20. Truck Roll 
  21. Indian Naan Co. 
  22. Truck Delight 
  23. Yummy Wheels 
  24. Taste of Coimbatore 
  25. Spice Parade 
  26. Movable Indian Menu 
  27. Mughlai Roast Bus
  28. The Indian Lunch Truck 
  29. Food Fighter 
  30. Mumbai Local 
  31. Indian Food On the Go
  32. Spice Punch Wheelie 
  33. The Indian Cart 
  34. The Samosa Master 
  35. Memories of India 
  36. Indian Food Truck Company 
  37. Bawarchi On Wheels 
  38. Tikka Express 
  39. The Holy Vegetarian Bite 
  40. Dosa On Wheels 
  41. Punjabi Parade 


Choosing a name for your Indian restaurant can be a little overwhelming because once you pick it and register it, you can’t change it.

Therefore, it is vital that you choose the restaurant name based on what you are offering to your customers and the ambiance you will be providing them.

Best restaurant names often have a good story behind them. What’s your story? Find something inspiring to create a name for your restaurant.

Lastly, determine what story you want to tell your customers. Meanwhile, you can go through the list we have provided to get some ideas. It is a comprehensive list, and we hope that you liked it. 

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