OpenTable Partners with ChatGPT to Deliver Direct Booking Links

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OpenTable has partnered with the widely-used chatbot, ChatGPT, in order to deliver restaurant recommendations to users by means of newly introduced plugins.

This integration enables ChatGPT Plus subscribers to receive direct links for booking reservations on OpenTable. The integration will be gradually introduced and will become available to more users once additional testing is completed.

I’m intrigued about the current development and will provide more coverage in the future.

Here are our key takeaways for restaurant owners:

  • New Channel for Customer Engagement: OpenTable has become an exclusive launch partner of ChatGPT. This implies that whenever any of the 13 million people who use ChatGPT every day ask for suggestions on restaurants, OpenTable will be the only one to respond, promoting only its own network of restaurants.
  • Direct Booking Links: ChatGPT is going to give consumers direct links to book on OpenTable when they ask for restaurant recommendations. Using the data from OpenTable’s search, the chatbot will be able to provide the latest details about restaurants like their profile information, tags, availability, and reviews, making it easier for consumers to choose a restaurant booking​.
  • Expanding Reach: The feature will first be available to a limited number of ChatGPT Plus subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. Once it has been tested, it will be introduced to more users.
  • Improved User Experience: Unlike Google Search, ChatGPT has a conversational element that lets users engage more deeply and dynamically. It resembles asking for a friend’s recommendation, but with the added advantage of being able to share availability.
  • Increasing Visibility: Restaurants can enhance their visibility in ChatGPT’s recommendations by adding more information to their OpenTable profiles such as menus, tags, photos and reviews.
  • Looking Ahead: At present, the feature is exclusively accessible via ChatGPT but OpenTable may consider incorporating it into their website in the future. This move will offer more options for customers looking to find and reserve restaurants.

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