9 Best Restaurant Business & Marketing Blogs in 2021

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This is a guide to nine of the best restaurant websites and blogs with a focus on business, marketing, and technology.

Reading the best blogs in the restaurant industry can be a great way to stay updated on how restaurants owners use new marketing strategies and technology to reach new customers and better serve their existing clientele.

In addition to listing the best restaurant business blogs, we also link to a recent interesting article on each website.

Best restaurant business & marketing blogs

The Digital Restaurant

The Digital Restaurant is a Chicago-based digital marketing agency for restaurants. The blog has articles on email marketing, content marketing, website design, social media marketing, and more.

Featured article: A Guide To Content Marketing For Restaurants

Touch Bistro

Touch Bistro Is a worldwide provider of integrated payment solutions. The blog is mainly focused on new technology, business, and marketing tips for restaurants.

Featured article: Facebook Ads for Restaurants: 15 Tips for 2021

Square Up

Square Up is an all-in-one payment and business solution provider. The blog has a wide variety of articles and interesting interviews with restaurant business owners and how they use technology to thrive.

Screenshot Business Resilience How The Kebab Shop's Digital-Forward Vision is Leading to Incredible Growth Square

Featured article: How The Kebab Shop’s Digital-Forward Vision is Leading to Incredible Growth

Restaurant Business Online

Restaurant Business is a leading media brand in the commercial foodservice industry. The blog has a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth.

Screenshot How chains are mining a ‘gold rush’ of customer data

Featured article: How Chains are Mining a ‘Gold Rush’ of Customer Data

Gloria Food

Gloria Food is a provider of an online ordering system for restaurants. The blog focuses on marketing, online ordering, social media for restaurants.

Screenshot 25 Restaurant Survey Questions to Help You Gain Valuable Insight GloriaFood Blog

Featured article: 25 Restaurant Survey Questions to Help You Gain Valuable Insight

Wilson K. Lee

Wilson K. Lee helps aspiring restaurant owners build a profitable and successful restaurant business. The blog has articles on marketing, staffing, and cloud kitchens.

Screenshot The 6 Essential Restaurant Marketing Instagram Designs You Should Create - Wilson K Lee

Featured article: The 6 Essential Restaurant Marketing Instagram Designs You Should Create

The Rail

The Rail is a media company focused exclusively on the restaurant world. The blog covers business, technology, and marketing for restaurants.

Screenshot 7 Tips for Opening an Online Restaurant During the Pandemic

Featured article: 7 Tips for Opening an Online Restaurant During the Pandemic

Restaurant Den

Restaurant Den is a provider of a complete website & online ordering system. The blog covers marketing, online ordering, and business news for restaurant owners.

Featured article: 5 Email Marketing Best Practices for Restaurants

The Spoon

The Spoon provides daily reporting and insight into the food tech revolution. The website has articles and interviews about the innovators and creators helping to reinvent food, cooking, and the kitchen.

Screenshot Food Tech Show Live Online Grocery Massive Alt-Protein Funding

Featured article: Food Tech Show Live: Online Grocery & Massive Alt-Protein Funding


These are just a few of the restaurant blogs available, but we feel the websites listed above are some of the best at covering the restaurant industry from a business, tech, and marketing perspective.

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