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Jan Lundvik

Restaurant technology writer


  • Makes complex restaurant technology easy to understand by giving advice that's clear and relatable
  • Provides practical tips and guidance for entrepreneurs who want to start a food service business
  • Reaches more than 40,000 readers every month with 140+ guides and reviews about technology, marketing, and trends


Jan is a tech writer who focuses on helping people running restaurants understand the latest in technology, marketing, and business trends. His main goal? To make tough topics easy to get, so restaurant owners, managers, and those dreaming of starting their own food business can make smart choices.

With a focus on simplifying decision-making processes, Jan helps his readers choose the right software solutions, enabling them to focus on running thriving restaurants.

Through his writing, Jan covers a wide range of topics, including technology trends, product reviews, and marketing strategies with the site serving a monthly audience of over 40,000 professionals.

Education and Certifications

Jan has completed several courses and certifications to enhance his expertise in technology, design and digital marketing. He holds certificates in UX design from the Interaction Design Foundation and is currently pursuing the Google UX Design Professional Certificate. Additionally, Jan has completed online courses in Digital Media and Marketing Strategies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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